Kinesiotape is a rehabilitative taping technique that was designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to the surrounding muscles & joints without restricting the body’s range of motion or circulation. Kinesiotape has been proven effective for a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological, and other medical conditions. The most common conditions being,

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Knee Pain (PTPS, ACL/PCL, MCL/LCL & Meniscus Tears)
  • Neck and Low Back Pain
  • Mid-Back Support (Postural Taping)
  • Shoulder Injury (Rotator Cuff & Labrum)
  • Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow
  • All types of Muscle Strains and Ligament Sprains.

By targeting the proprioceptors within the somatosensory system, Kinesiotape alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by lifting the skin off the muscle. This lifting affect allows for a decrease in inflammation and increased circulation in which prevents muscle cramping and waste build-up in the affected area. Kineisotape can be used on patients young and old, and can be adapted to sport specific movements.

Dr. Nathan is a certified provider of Rocktape which is a brand of Kinesiotape. Ask him if kinesiotape would be right for you!