Active Release Technique (ART)

A.R.T.® is a very effective therapy for musculoskeletal injuries including sciatica, low back pain, neck pain and whiplash, tennis and golfers elbow, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve entrapment, jaw pain, headaches and more. It is a patented treatment system based on anatomy and movement designed to remove small areas of scar tissue in muscles, tendons, ligaments, or fascia as a result of injury and/or overuse

Overuse conditions can occur in 3 distinct ways:

1) acute conditions (pulls, tears, collisions, etc),

2) accumulation of small tears (micro-trauma), and

3) hypoxia (not getting enough oxygen).

Each A.R.T.® session is actually a combination of examination and treatment. The ART provider uses their hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements. There are over 500 unique ART protocols which allows the provider to identify and correct the specific condition(s) that are affecting each individual.

Dr. Nathan Ng is certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.®). He typically uses A.R.T.® in combination with chiropractic adjustments.